• No more dilly-dallying

    Get your art space set up

I’m so excited to share my newest offering with you,

The New Playroom- Get it done! Design Camp

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you know that I’m deeply committed to helping families create inviting and accessible art spaces in their homes.

Lately, I’ve been hearing from parents who are eager to set up a creative space for their kids, but they just can’t seem to get there on their own. Does that sound like you?

  • Have you tried to organize your child’s art supplies, but you still find them scattered around the house?
  • Do you have an awkward nook that you can’t figure out how to turn into a creative space for your child?
  • Do you have an extra room that you want to transform into a creative space, but it’s too overwhelming to even start?
  • Do you have multiple kids of different ages and can’t figure out how to create an art space that will work for all of them?
  • Have you tried to set up an art space for your kids, but have gotten stuck somewhere in the process?

If that sounds familiar, I’m launching a new design camp to make sure that you finally set up that awesome art space that you’ve been dreaming about.

This 4 week Design Camp Includes:

  • Weekly step-by-step instructions for setting up your art space
  • Access to exclusive room plans, video tutorials, and clickable product lists that I use for my clients
  • Small group accountability, support, and discussions
  • Consultation: my one-on-one guidance, feedback, and suggestions each step of the way
  • Instructions and guidance for purchasing supplies on any budget
  • My full commitment to helping you get your art space set up and get your kids using the space
  • Bonus 5th week all about setting up “invitations to create”

Let me break it down for you a little more…

  • Each week of the 4 week camp, I’ll take you step-by-step through the design process and make it fun, easy, and fast. You will receive access to exclusive layouts and design plans for different types of art spaces, video tutorials, and clickable product lists so you can quickly find what you need for your art space. These are only available in this design camp and to private clients.


  • Our small design camp group of 10 people will connect in a private Facebook group to ask questions, get feedback, share our art spaces, and make friends! With many Facebook groups being in the hundreds or thousands, this is truly a rare opportunity to have such an intimate group experience to learn together and support each other.


  • I have chosen to cap this group at 10 people, so that I can be fully available to give you individual attention and guide you one-on-one within the group experience. This consultation aspect of the program is how I know you will get your art space done!


  • When you enroll in the design camp you will automatically be sent my two e-guides to look over. They will give you a sense for what we’ll be working on over the 4 week program and offer reflections on why it’s so important for kids to have a dedicated art space.


  • Bonus 5th Week! The most important part of having an amazing art space is when kids are engaged with the materials on a regular basis. I want to make sure this happens for you.  Once your art space is set up, I’ll help you introduce the materials to your kids and get you started with “invitations To Create.”


Imagine having a beautiful workshop in your home.

Your kids run to it every time they have an idea to make something.

They tinker, they problem solve, they create, then they put things away because everything has it’s place.

Imagine your kids having a creative space to decompress when they are feeling overwhelmed.

They go to their art space, they calm down, they work through their emotions, they create.

They come away recharged.

You don’t have to imagine anymore. By mid-summer it can be your reality.

Design Camp begins June 12th

We will take the week of July 3rd off for the holiday (and allow for shipping time) and finish up the following week. By July 14, your family will have a dedicated art space that is beautiful, inviting, and accessible for your kids.

Plus you’ll get a bonus week all about exploring art materials and setting up invitations to create!

The New Playroom-Get it done! 4 Week Design Camp & Consultation


Only 10 spots available
Registration is closed

Contact me to get on the list for the next design camp

What’s your dream art space?

What it’s like to work with me…

Dana M.

Scarsdale, NY

"Megan is a joy to work with, very responsive and interprets very well. Before the transformation we hardly spent time there and now it's an everyday occurrence. The space has gone from dated to modern and we want to be there… My kids could not be happier. The joy I see on their faces while playing and helping themselves to art supplies is priceless!"

Zoe F.

Los Angeles, CA

"I have to say, I'm totally blown away by your making my dream become a reality! you have figured out a problem I couldn't solve, and brought that beautiful space into fruition- a space we haven't used in the 2.5 yrs we have been here... Its such a magical place. I just want to fully express my gratitude for your vision, hard labor, and talent! It's soooo awesome!"

Robin F.

"As I go through the process of doing more art with my kids, I think about you, and use your resources, a lot... the kids and I are slowly getting to know all of our art supplies - like talking about the paper we have and which paper is appropriate for what kinds of projects, then doing something fun with paper. This is also helping me get past some of my fears because I feel like we're talking about this stuff in a way that they get.... Thank you again for your support - you were the inspiration for much of this."

Leah K.

San Francisco, Ca

“I just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work in my children's playroom. My kids are absolutely thrilled with their new art/play space and all of their awesome supplies! I'd forgotten that you were providing those, as well. What a treat! ... We've already put our new space to the test and we are all loving it :-) We are very pleased with all that you've done to help make our house a *home*.”

Michelle M.

Mill Valley, Ca

"Megan was fantastic to work with - she took into consideration how we could maximize our space and functionality as well as incorporating some specific needs that were important for our family. The outcome of her design and installation is a super functional and fun space for my kids to do art including a great bulletin board where they can feature their work. My kids use the space almost every day - they spend time doing a wide variety of activities that are focused for their ages. They love creating new art work and we find that it is also a space that they use often when their friends are over. We are incredibly happy with the creative space that Megan created!"

Sarah J.

Mill Valley, Ca.

Sadie is loving her art area! Seriously, the transformation has been amazing. Initially she needed assistance with painting and drawing, but now she is doing it all by herself! She initiates everything on her own- gets paper down from the tray, gets paint and brushes and says to me "painting". She also knows how to open her markers by herself and has made so many special drawings. She loves the stamps, play dough, and particularly the little animals. Anyhow, we are thoroughly impressed and truly amazed by how quickly she has learned. Now, art is a part of her everyday life :) Thank you.

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Photography by: Modern Kids Co and Vivian Johnson