Pop-Up Shop!

Art Pantry Pop-Up Shop!


If you’re in the Bay Area this weekend, please visit us at our first ever Art Pantry pop-up shop. Remember all of our awesome kids art supplies and crafty gifts? They will all be on sale now that we have cleared out the warehouse. Most items will be 50% off retail prices.

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Update and Cutie Pie

Hello! This cutie is part of the reason I’ve been an absentee blogger recently. I have also been hard at work revamping my online shop. The new site will be much more user friendly and totally awesome!  Another big change that has occurred over the summer is the sale of my children’s art studio. Being a stay at home mom, running a studio, and running an online shop was spreading me too thin. I made the tough but exciting decision to sell the studio to Jhaya Warmington, the incredible teacher who worked for me.
Karuna continues to take art class and loved making these butterfly wings in her garden art workshop!

Now I can finally breath, play with my kids, and focus on creating a great online shopping experience for your children’s creative needs.

A Little Research Project

I just finished ordering all of our products for the online shop and decided that that I’d share some interesting information. There are a lot of products out there to choose from and I wanted to make sure that I was picking high quality items that are also true to their advertising. If a paint says “washable,” is it too much to expect it to actually be washable?? As a parent, I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like when I let my daughter finger paint with “washable” paints, only to find out after doing the laundry that her yellow dress is now practically tie-died with blue and red stains. I’m all about getting messy and don’t even mind stained clothes, but I do mind when a product boldly pronounces itself to be washable when it clearly isn’t.
So here is a little research I did while choosing children’s “washable” tempera paint to sell in my shop.

After narrowing it down to two brands, I did a swatch test and painted red and blue from each brand onto pieces of white cotton. Paint A has better colors, closer to true red and blue which is good for color mixing (but the blue also had a strong chemical smell that turned me off). Both paints are clearly labeled “washable” on the front of the bottles. I let them dry, then threw them into the washing machine with cold water and regular detergent. Here are the results…

So it looks like there is a clear winner! You won’t find any of “Paint A” (Melissa & Doug Poster Paint) in my shop. Paint B is Palmer Washable Poster Paint that will be available in many colors on Make+Believe. If you’re looking for brighter, truer pigments we will also have Palmer Prism Tempera paints that are not very washable, but don’t claim to be!

Update (6/2016): I no longer have the online shop for art supplies, but you can find Palmer Washable Poster Paint here (affiliate link) as well as another great washable brand here.

Welcome to My New Home!

For all those of you who have visited me at the Littlest Birds Studio, thank you for finding me here at Make+Believe. I have spent more than 3 years helping young children discover the world of art… the technique, the self-expression, the collaboration, the messes, and the pure joy of creativity! Although I will continue to teach and post about classes, I am beginning a new journey, bringing my passion for children’s creative growth to the greater public.
In September I will be launching my new online shop, Make+Believe, where you’ll find children’s art projects, creative products, events, and a community forum. I hope to encourage children’s creative development through open-ended, exploratory art projects and unique products. I look forward to connecting with you and creating a large community of folks who believe in the importance of creativity and want to help inspire the next generation of creative thinkers.

This photo of me and my family was taken by the awesome Sarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography… more of her photos to come soon!