Episode 16: Pilgrim on Music, Family, Full-Time Travel, & Following Your Dreams

In episode 16 of Muse and the Catalyst, Aaron and I interview Katie and Aaron Thomas of the Americana/pop duo Pilgrim- the same duo that sings our intro music for the show!

We chat about how Katie and Aaron made the jump from living the typical American dream to hitting the road in an Airstream trailer in order to follow their own dreams of travel, music, and adventure with their two young children. We also talk about their views on the law of attraction and how it fits into their journey. This inspiring show is full of insight, music, and a good dose of magic.

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Episode 6: Julia Linsteadt on Creativity, Education, Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and Intuition

Our first guest interview!

In episode 6 of Muse and the Catalyst, we interview Julia Linsteadt, mother of 2, art teacher, and co-founder of KidArtLit. We talk about creativity, flow, art, education, motherhood, self-care, collaboration, community, running a creative business, and how following our intuition never leads us astray. Julia also talks about a near-death experience in her early 20’s and how it lead her to go after her dreams.

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New Podcast!

I’m so excited to announce that I am launching a new podcast along with my husband, Aaron Schiller, called Muse and The Catalyst. It’s a podcast all about inspiration and taking action to create the life of your dreams. We’ll be covering topics such as lifestyle, business, family, parenting, design, minimalism, mindfulness, art, creativity, education, travel and so much more.

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My Home Tour

It’s been a while since I have shared photos of our entire house. I was recently interviewed by Glitter Guide about our home and how to encourage creativity and playfulness, while still keeping things organized and stylish. The amazing photographer, Vivian Johnson, shot the photos and has beautifully captured the spirit of our home and play. Thanks for taking a peek into our family home. I’d love to hear from you and learn how you bring creativity and playfulness into your home!

Home Tour01

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Podcast interview -Art Made Easy: From preschool teacher to art entreprenuer with Megan Schiller of The Art Pantry

Do you listen to Podcasts?

Are you a fan yet of the blog, Deep Space Sparkle? If you’ve never heard of it, it is a fun, beautiful site packed with incredible art lessons and tons of great resources for teachers and parents.

I have been inspired by Patty’s blog for years and have always admired her- so of course I was thrilled when she asked me to be a guest on her new podcast, Art Made Easy.

Patty asked me to talk about my story of how I transitioned from a preschool teacher to becoming an entrepreneur and designing kids creative spaces. I also give tips on setting up art spaces in the home and putting out “invitations to create.”

If you’d like to check it out, click here to head over to Deep Space Sparkle and you can listen directly from the blog post or listen on iTunes or Stitcher.


Meet Rebecca Picker of Studio Sprout!

Rebecca Picker is a mother of 3, performer, costume designer, and founder of Studio Sprout, a children’s art studio and discovery garden in Santa Cruz, California. Rebecca and I have been friends since first meeting in college at UC Santa Cruz. When we re-connected at a college reunion a few years ago, she was super excited to hear about how I had started a toddler art studio out of my back cottage.  This got her thinking…
With a little encouragement from me and a lot of talent and drive on her part, she too was able to start a successful children’s art studio at home. I recently spent a morning at her art studio enjoying her amazing program and finding out a little more about how she managed to follow her passions and create a fulfilling business as a stay at home mom.

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Interview with Tiffany Shlain

Meet Tiffany Shlain!

Tiffany Shlain is a mother of two, acclaimed filmmaker, writer, founder of The Webby Awards, and co-founder of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Ken Goldburg, and her two daughters, Odessa (10) and Blooma (4). Tiffany and her family exude creativity and are always cooking up fun, artful ideas- from cardboard sculptures to wacky house parties! I recently visited Tiffany and her daughters at home to check out their art pantry and find out a little more about the importance of art in their lives.

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