• On the road with Airstream

    let's meet up and do art together!

Do you want to join us on the road and do art together? For the next 3 months, my family and I are traveling across the US with Airstream’s #endlesscaravan campaign. Along the way we are co-hosting family art events with local collaborators. We love bringing families and communities together through art and creativity and hope you can join us! Check out our route and event schedule below or just follow along our journey as we share our experience traveling the country and going after our family dreams.

Route & Itinerary

A few locations have changed since the map was made :)

  • OH Feb 21-26
  • KY Feb 25-26
  • Nashville, TN Feb 26-March 3
  • Asheville, NC March 3-6 (Event)
  • Charleston, SC March 6-8
  • GA March 8-12
  • Jacksonville, FL March 12-14
  • Orlando, FL March 14-17
  • Florida Gulf Coast March 17-20
  • Miami/Ft. Lauderdale┬áMarch 20-24 (Event in Ft. Lauderdale on Feb. 21st)
  • Central Florida & Panhandle March 24-31
  • New Orleans, LA March 31-April 4th
  • Austin, Tx. April 6th-12 (Event April 8th)
  • OK, NM April 12-23
  • AZ April 24-29
  • Los Angeles, CA May 1-8 (Event May 7th)
  • NV & UT May 8-15
  • CO (Carbondale, Boulder, Denver) May 15-20 (Event in Denver Date TBD)
  • Chicago, IL May 26-30 (Event)
  • Indianapolis, IN May 30-June2

Photos From The Road

Follow along on Instagram @artpantry (updated here as well)

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