Episode 4: Megan Interviews Aaron on Careers, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Growth

I’m so excited to interview my husband, Aaron Schiller, today on our podcast, Muse and The Catalyst. We dive into his journey since graduating from college and his many jobs that led him to eventually start a family coaching and counseling practice.

We also get pretty personal and talk about a pivotal moment in his life that made him give up alcohol 3 years ago and how this change has helped him to pursue his dreams.

We talk about Aaron’s current obsession with the effects of positive thinking and “17 seconds” and how we incorporate daily gratitude into our lives.

We also make sure to give some tips on starting a service-based business and share the one thing that Aaron did as he launched his coaching business that led to his early success and a steady stream of clients.

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Show Notes

Aaron Schiller Coaching & Counseling

17 Seconds & Abraham Hicks

5 Minute Journal

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