Episode 5: Law of Attraction & Abraham Hicks: Takeaways From A Workshop With Esther Hicks

Aaron and I finally went to our first workshop together since having kids!

We recorded this podcast episode the day after attending a workshop on the Law of Attraction by inspirational speaker, Esther Hicks. In this episode, we share our experience and takeaways from the workshop, who Esther and Abraham Hicks are, and why Oprah has called them the “secret behind the The Secret.” (The bestselling book and film by Rohnda Byrne). Even if it all sounds a little wacky, I hope you’ll give it a try and listen to the main ideas behind this workshop, rather than the unusual way that these ideas are presented by Esther.

This is a great episode for anyone interested in living a joyful life, the law of attraction, manifestation, gratitude, meditation, positive thinking, and personal growth.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

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Show Notes

Intro/Outro Music by Pilgrim

Esther Hicks/ Abraham /Workshops

Law of Attraction

Oprah Winfrey’s Interview Series with Esther Hicks and Abraham

17 Seconds


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  • Brigitte August 1, 2017  

    How exciting! I’m listening to all of them from the beginning now … :)

    • Megan Schiller August 1, 2017  

      Thanks Brigitte! Hope you enjoy them :)

  • OnceUponaTimeYARNS August 3, 2017  

    LOVE this! My son is REALLY negative and anxious. I really feel it is part of his temperament. I am and will keep trying to help him, but it can be very exhausting as he has a very strong will. For example, I tried to put a positive quote on a white board each morning for inspiration and he will erase it or scribble over it and roll his eyes (He’s 9)! LOL! It would be great to hear a podcast sometime about how you inspire your own children. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Megan Schiller August 4, 2017  

      That’s a great suggestion, thanks! I know there are a lot of parents who struggle with this so I’d love to try to help if I can. My husband knows a lot more about this than I do, though, since he’s a kid’s coach/counselor. He’s going to be talking more about these kinds of things in future podcasts too.

    • Megan Schiller August 22, 2017  

      Hi Again,
      We just shared episode 8 of the podcast, where Aaron answers this question in a mini Q & A format. Here’s the link: http://www.theartpantry.com/episode-8/ Hope this helps!