Join The Family Canvas Challenge!

Two years ago, I was inspired by an Art Pantry reader, Emily, and her family advent tradition of working on one canvas for each day of the Advent calendar. I loved the idea of layering different materials each day on a collaborative canvas and turning it into a fun game that we could do together as a family.

We adapted this idea and worked on our canvas about twice a week for a month. Each time we worked on it, I would bring out a new material, hide it in a bag, and set it out on the canvas for my girls to discover. They loved the anticipation of not knowing what the next material would be!

I shared the entire process in a blog post here.

After multiple sessions of working on our canvas, we ended up with a beautiful work of art that we hung in our dining room. I look at it every day with joy and think about the fun times we had adding each layer.

Do You Want To Make A Layered Canvas With Your Family?

I wanted to do this project again this holiday season and decided to turn it into a free challenge so that you can join in the fun!

If you want to join the challenge and make a meaningful masterpiece with your family, just click the image below to learn more and sign up! It starts Friday, November 10th 2018 so sign up now to get your supply list early.


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