Episode 6: Julia Linsteadt on Creativity, Education, Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and Intuition

Our first guest interview!

In episode 6 of Muse and the Catalyst, we interview Julia Linsteadt, mother of 2, art teacher, and co-founder of KidArtLit. We talk about creativity, flow, art, education, motherhood, self-care, collaboration, community, running a creative business, and how following our intuition never leads us astray. Julia also talks about a near-death experience in her early 20’s and how it lead her to go after her dreams.

I’m so excited to have Julia as our first guest of the show. She embodies the spirit of what Muse and the Catalyst is all about… finding inspiration, following our intuition, and taking action to live the life of our dreams. Her energy is so fun and if you stick around til the end you may even hear her sing a goodbye song!

Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes

Art Pantry Design Camp

Intro/Outro Music by Pilgrim

Last Child In The Woods by Richard Louv (affiliate link)

Jean Van’t Hul/The Artful Parent

A Country Called Childhood by Jay Griffiths (affiliate link)

Liana Stienmetz

Jan Weiss

To Connect with Julia:

Julia on Instagram

KidArtLit Use the code WE<3KIDART for 10% off

KidArtLit on Instagram

Cutouts Kids

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