Episode 15: Akuyoe Graham on Self-Worth, Hollywood, and Starting a Nonprofit

In episode 15, of Muse and the Catalyst, Aaron chats with Akuyoe Graham, award-winning actor, author, and educator. Akuyoe is also the founder and CEO of Spirit Awakening, an arts organization dedicated to helping at-risk youth and children in the juvenile justice system realize their spiritual identity.

Akuyoe shares stories of her life as an actor, finding her self-worth, what it means to live with integrity, and how working with incarcerated children led her to start the nonprofit, Spirit Awakening.

Voices of the Unheard

Akuyoe also shares about her upcoming annual event, Voices of the Unheard, that celebrates the voices of children in the juvenile justice system that features spoken word, poetry, song, dance, and storytelling. Formerly incarcerated children read their own personal essays and poems and professional actors stand in for kids who are still incarcerated. If you are in the Los Angeles Area and are interested in attending the show, head over to Spirit Awakening to learn more.

Enjoy this incredibly inspiring interview with Akuyoe Graham!

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Show Notes

Intro/Outro Music by Pilgrim

Akuyoe Graham

Akuyoe’s TedX Talk


Spirit Awakening Foundation

Voices of the Unheard

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