Episode 10: Kids’ Art Spaces

This is a mini solo podcast episode, where I share the inspiration behind my business, The Art Pantry. I talk about why I view kids’ art spaces as workshops and what kids learn in them that goes way beyond art. I also share about my online course, Design Camp, and have a free download for you with art prompts for kids that are based on the skills I discuss in this episode.

You can see my related blog post with photos and the link to download the free guide here.

I hope this episode is helpful and inspires you to set up an art space in your home!

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Show Notes

Intro/Outro Music by Pilgrim

The Art Pantry

Reggio Emilia

100 Languages of Children (affiliate link)

Our Converted Porch Art Space

Design Camp

Free Guide, Invitations To Create: Skill-Building


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