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Imagine your child walking into a room to discover a few art materials thoughtfully arranged on the table. This curious display is fresh and intriguing, inviting him to sit down and engage. This is an “invitation to create,” sometimes called a prompt or provocation. Invitations are a great way to deepen your child’s art experience and encourage new ways of using familiar materials.


Setting up an invitation to create is easy. It should be done while your child is out of the room so that she can discover it on her own. A great time to set up an invitation is at night while your child is asleep. This not only offers a creative morning activity, but it can become a fun routine that your child will anticipate with excitement. Another great time to set up an invitation is while your child is at school. It can be a calming afternoon activity, perfect for a little down time.

It’s This Easy

  • Take a few minutes to arrange some materials on your creative surface (art table, kitchen table, tray, etc.).
  • The materials can range from simple to complex and can be familiar or completely new items.
  • Present them in an interesting way that looks purposeful and inviting.
  • Only use a few different materials each time.
  • There are no rules (except your house rules, of course!), let your child engage with the materials in her own way or add new materials to the mix.
  • Imagine how special your child will feel to have a thoughtfully prepared surprise waiting for him each day!


“Every morning, after breakfast, my girls now check out what art supplies I laid out for them the night before. It gives me enough time to wash dishes, make lunches and prep dinner. I much prefer my mornings like these instead of hearing TV in the background.
Thank you!”
-Jonalyn J.

Get Started

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Here’s a little inspiration from my last “Invitations to Create” 30-day challenge. Each one of these “invitations” was set up in less than 5 minutes. Let these photos inspire you to set something up today! To see more from the challenge, visit me on Instagram here. Look for #artpantrychallenge.













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