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Invitations To Create


  • E-guide (PDF) with 30 days of easy art prompts
  • 15 Pages of fun
  • Tips on setting up invitations to create
  • list of materials and photos for each day

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The New Playroom

 $29 $19

  • E-guide (PDF) with step-by-step instructions on setting up your art space
  • Stories, photos, and DIY projects
  • Tips on how to explore art supplies with your kids and keep them engaged over time
  • Free bonus guide! Invitations To Create

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E-Design Package


  • Custom design plan with a mood board, product list, floor plan/storage layout, and detailed description.
  • The New Playroom e-guide
  • Invitations To Create e-guide
  • Additional support via e-mail

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  • Are your child’s art supplies scattered around the house or jumbled in random piles and drawers?
  • Do you have a small home with an awkward nook that you wish you could turn into a creative space for your child?
  • Do you have an extra room that you’ve been dreaming of transforming into a creative space?
  • Are your art supplies hidden away in boxes and you often forget they are there?
  • Do you have multiple kids of different ages and can’t figure out how to create an art space that will work for all of them?


Guess what? It doesn’t have to be like this.


  • What if you could create a dedicated art space that is open, organized, accessible, and inviting? A space where kids can gain creative confidence as they learn to use tools and materials independently.
  • What if you could set up a creative space where your 2 year old, 5 year old, and 7 year old can work alongside each other at their own pace, with age-appropriate materials?
  • What if you had an art space that was so beautiful and inviting, it made your heart sing just looking at?



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The New Playroom (PDF) Includes:

  • 34 pages of step-by-step instructions on how to set up an art space for kids
  • Tips on measuring, layout, organizing and more!
  • Inspiring photos and stories
  • Essential art supply list plus extra goodies
  • DIY projects
  • Tips on exploring art supplies with kids and keeping them engaged over time
  • Additional resources for shopping, design, and art activities
  • Free bonus guide (PDF) Invitations To Create: 30 days of easy art prompts


Marina G.

Marina G.

Art Teacher, Photographer / Flash Bugs Studio

"The ebooks are AMAZING!! You did such a great job capturing the spirit of creativity, exploration, and designing quality art spaces. There are tips in here that anyone can learn, (even me, an art teacher of 15 years!). I'm super excited to reorganize our art corner that's off our kitchen and in the laundry room... This is really the perfect book for the DIY person."

Stacey N.

Blogger / The Scenic Life

“As someone who is normally intimated by DIY projects, I found this guide very straightforward, easy-going, intuitive, and encouraging... I ultimately love that The New Playroom isn’t just about transforming space, but transforming the way we interact with our children and encourage creativity.”

Sari S.

Sari S.

Writer & Yoga Teacher

"Super awesome, amazing e-guide! It is really great and I learned so much from reading it. The instructions are clear and detailed and the photos are so fun. It has inspired me to finally organize our little space that we are using as our art area. "

Sarah P.

"I ordered and read your online book and reinvigorated my art space... It's been amazing! The kids are doing more art, everyday. Your Invitations to Create are ingenious. I wish there were 100. (As it stands, I plan to repeat after we do all 30.) As simple as they may seem to you, I would never do this without your laying it out for me... So, thank you. You are talented."

Linda M.

Retail Sales & Art Teacher

"I LOVE your guide!! It is neat, insightful, informative and colorful... My studio is coming together nicely for my classes next month and I thank you for your inspiration."