Design Camp Before & Afters! Kids’ Art Space Transformations

Have you heard about Art Pantry Design Camp yet? It’s my online course to help you set up an awesome kids’ art space in your home. One of my favorite parts of Design Camp is getting to witness the amazing transformations that take place for these families.

I love seeing the physical spaces transform, but what I really love is hearing about the other kind of transformation how kids interact with the space and with their art supplies after it has been transformed.

Although I’m a sucker for beautiful design and I believe in the power of good design (where inspiration meets function), the reason I teach this course is to help parents set up a dedicated space for creative exploration that works well for your specific family. Each family has different needs, but the end goal is for kids to have more creative independence with easy access to tools and materials. By creating a space that is organized and inviting and teaching your kids how to use the materials safely, they will grow up with this “workshop” in which to explore the world around them.

Before and Afters

Here are a few before and after photos of art spaces from participants in Design Camp (from small spaces to full-rooms). These were taken right at the end of Design Camp and aren’t fully finished (some are waiting on containers, an art display area or additional lighting) but hopefully you’ll get a sense for the awesome transformations.

Art Space 1


Art Space 2

Art Space 3

“The kids are loving it and it’s so much easier to keep organized!” -Anna, Mom of 2

Art Space 4

“Even our 9 year old neighbor who is ALL boy LOVES our art space! He will paint and draw for hours with the kids after school.” Terri, mom of 3

Art Space 5

This Design Camper already had a small art space that she set up with the help of my e-guide, The New Playroom. You can see it was already a nice space, but she wanted more storage and felt like something was off. Through Design Camp, she was finally able to create the space she was envisioning.

Art Space 6

This Design Camper already had an art space, but it was cluttered and disorganized. She wanted to find a way to make this space more organized and inviting as well as to replace the outgrown table and chairs.

Art Space 7

This Design Camper wanted to create an art space in the corner of her living room. Because it’s in their main living space, she wanted to make sure it was not too crowded and that it would fit in with the rest of their living room decor.

“We love the art space and it truly gets used every day. I use it every morning to write lunchbox notes too!…When we have playdates, the kids always gravitate to it.” -Kate, Mom of 3

The winter session of Design Camp begins on January 8th 2018. If you want to set up an organized and inviting art space for your kids, no matter the size, I will guide you through the process and help you create a space that works well for your family.

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