Episode 18: How To Up Your Gratitude Game, Abraham Hicks Style

In Episode 18 of Muse and The Catalyst, Aaron and I talk about the difference between gratitude and appreciation, as it relates to the law of attraction, and offer tips on how to shift your mood (to feel better!) in any given moment. This is especially helpful as we move into the holiday season and navigate potential stress or extended family dynamics. We hope you find it useful! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Episode 17: Awakened Father Series With Barnet Bain

In episode 17 of Muse and the Catalyst, Aaron kicks of our new Awakened Father Series with his first guest Barnet Bain, film-maker, author, and educator. Aaron and Barnet discuss a new paradigm for fathers, one in which dads begin to explore personal growth to find more meaning, connection, and well-being in their lives. They talk about how this relates to the current social and political climate regarding men in power and how we can create a better future for everyone when fathers begin to look inward.

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Join The Family Canvas Challenge!

Two years ago, I was inspired by an Art Pantry reader, Emily, and her family advent tradition of working on one canvas for each day of the Advent calendar. I loved the idea of layering different materials each day on a collaborative canvas and turning it into a fun game that we could do together as a family.

We adapted this idea and worked on our canvas about twice a week for a month. Each time we worked on it, I would bring out a new material, hide it in a bag, and set it out on the canvas for my girls to discover. They loved the anticipation of not knowing what the next material would be!

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Episode 16: Pilgrim on Music, Family, Full-Time Travel, & Following Your Dreams

In episode 16 of Muse and the Catalyst, Aaron and I interview Katie and Aaron Thomas of the Americana/pop duo Pilgrim- the same duo that sings our intro music for the show!

We chat about how Katie and Aaron made the jump from living the typical American dream to hitting the road in an Airstream trailer in order to follow their own dreams of travel, music, and adventure with their two young children. We also talk about their views on the law of attraction and how it fits into their journey. This inspiring show is full of insight, music, and a good dose of magic.

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Episode 14: Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

In this episode of Muse and The Catalyst, I chat with Aaron about my recent experience at a conference for creative entrepreneurial mothers, In Good Company.

I share my takeaways from the conference and we discuss insights on the intersection of motherhood, creativity, entrepreneurship, feminism, and social justice in regards to race and gender identity. There were a lot of powerful takeaways, so don’t miss this one!

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Episode 13: Tammy Ramsay on Conscious Parenting

In episode 13, Aaron interviews Tammy Ramsay about their recent experience at the Evolve summit with Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Aaron met Tammy at the summit, where she interviewed speakers and attendees as part of the Evolve production team.

Aaron and Tammy discuss parenting struggles, the conscious parenting movement, and takeaways from the Evolve summit. They talk a lot about how our own personal transformation can have a huge impact on our parenting experience.

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Episode 11: Well-Being Now

In this mini episode, Aaron shares how we can experience well-being in our lives and that it’s easier than you might think! This episode is perfect for anyone who feels like they have to do something first in order to achieve well-being… like go to yoga, meditate, exercise, make money, etc.

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Episode 10: Kids’ Art Spaces

This is a mini solo podcast episode, where I share the inspiration behind my business, The Art Pantry. I talk about why I view kids’ art spaces as workshops and what kids learn in them that goes way beyond art. I also share about my online course, Design Camp, and have a free download for you with art prompts for kids that are based on the skills I discuss in this episode.

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