The Art Pantry is a design studio and educational resource for kids’ creative spaces and art exploration. We help you set up kids’ art spaces in homes and schools and provide tools to keep kids engaged in the creative process.


“A thoughtful art space has the ability to transform your child’s creative experience. It isn’t just a backdrop or a storage space, it is a key player in the creative process. Most importantly, it conveys a message to your child. At The Art Pantry, we help you create a space that says, you are a creative, curious, and capable child.”

-Megan Schiller, Founder

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Home Studio & Playroom Design

Home Studio & Playroom Design

Custom design & organizing for home art spaces & playrooms.

Preschool Studio Design

Preschool Studio Design

Custom design for early childhood art studios.

Event Activities

Event Activities

Art activities for parties and other events.


Zoe F.

"I have to say, I'm totally blown away by your making my dream become a reality! you have figured out a problem I couldn't solve, and brought that beautiful space into fruition- a space we haven't used in the 2.5 yrs we have been here... Its such a magical place. I just want to fully express my gratitude for your vision, hard labor, and talent! It's soooo awesome!"

Leslie L.

Interior Designer

"Thanks so much! This is great. You served the exact purpose I was hoping for. Directing and designing the art space to maximize creativity and their ability to engage. I have always gotten really stuck on their art space even though I design spaces myself. Thanks Megan!"

Shaida A.

"Thank you for paying attention to detail and spending so much time to make Lily's art space so great!"

Do It Yourself

resources for parents and teachers

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