Hello! Welcome to The Art Pantry. I’m Megan Schiller, founder, designer, and teacher. I design playrooms and kids’ creative spaces that families love and kids can’t get enough of. And if you want to do it yourself, I’ve got guides, videos, and plenty of resources to help you along the way.

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“If you want to make an art space for your kids, no matter how big or how small, this is worth a million bucks.” -Meri Cherry, Art Teacher & Blogger

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Zoe F.

Los Angeles, Ca

"I have to say, I'm totally blown away by your making my dream become a reality! you have figured out a problem I couldn't solve, and brought that beautiful space into fruition- a space we haven't used in the 2.5 yrs we have been here... Its such a magical place. I just want to fully express my gratitude for your vision, hard labor, and talent! It's soooo awesome!"

Dana M.

Scarsdale, NY

"Megan is a joy to work with, very responsive and interprets very well. Before the transformation we hardly spent time there and now it's an everyday occurrence. The space has gone from dated to modern and we want to be there… My kids could not be happier. The joy I see on their faces while playing and helping themselves to art supplies is priceless… and the play kitchen area and reading nook are perfect!"

Leah K.

San Francisco, CA

“I just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work in my children's playroom. My kids are absolutely thrilled with their new art/play space and all of their awesome supplies! I'd forgotten that you were providing those, as well. What a treat! ... We've already put our new space to the test and we are all loving it :-) We are very pleased with all that you've done to help make our house a *home*.”

Michelle M.

Mill Valley, CA

"Megan was fantastic to work with - she took into consideration how we could maximize our space and functionality as well as incorporating some specific needs that were important for our family. The outcome of her design and installation is a super functional and fun space for my kids to do art including a great bulletin board where they can feature their work. My kids use the space almost every day - they spend time doing a wide variety of activities that are focused for their ages. They love creating new art work and we find that it is also a space that they use often when their friends are over. We are incredibly happy with the creative space that Megan created!"

Shaida A.

Tiburon, Ca

"Thank you for paying attention to detail and spending so much time to make Lily's art space so great!"

Leslie L.

Los Angeles, Ca

"Thanks so much! This is great. You served the exact purpose I was hoping for. Directing and designing the art space to maximize creativity and their ability to engage. I have always gotten really stuck on their art space even though I design spaces myself. Thanks Megan!"

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